Now We’re six

CONGRATULATIONS MITCH TEEMLY Always eager to know what Mr Mitch Teemly has uploaded on his blog, thanks to Jesus I didn’t miss out in this celebration. Many more wonderful years Mr Mitch, we’ll always celebrate together. Today is My 6th Blogiversary! According to development experts, a healthy 6-year-old will: Speak in complete sentences of five … More Now We’re six


I watched as they mixed the flour and the rest of the ingredients, personally I knew that the dough wasn’t going to satisfy me when baked, it looked so small in my sight. I kept my opinion and maintained my peace at that time, hoping something will be done to increase the size of the … More LITTLE YEAST


It’s really disheartening seeing how a lot of people have made a caricature of Christianity, the wrong attitude of one person or group has caused a lot of people to be stereotypical in thinking when it comes to Christianity. Once Christianity is mentioned, what comes to the mind first is the fact that material things … More NOT YOURS BUT YOU.

Who But God

Who but God could paint the evening sky And use a brush that is a fiery torch? Tonight, the garish sunset makes me high In awe, I stand and watch it from my porch. Who but God could make the insects sing? Cicadas droning on with their night song Still better yet, to sing with … More Who But God


We go about saying we want to preach the gospel and just spread this “Gospel”. We want to bring out this Gospel on our blog and just look for every means to spread it. But wait a minute… Have you ever thought deep to ask yourself what the “GOSPEL” means? Have you ever had a … More GOSPEL


It’s so painful seeing the creation of God doing things so unthinkable. Rapists, killers and assassins, sex maniacs, liars, those who can’t say any other reasonable thing apart from “fool, idiot, stupid, bastards and other grave and useless words”, thiefs, idolaters, those who always get angry and several others who commit sin. What do you … More VEILED