Once upon a time. 😢

Chilling on a lovely cool afternoon, my mind began to travel, thoughts pacing and although they were wonderful thoughts and nice concepts they we’re also scary.. I began to run a serious race down memory lane and since as a young man I haven’t lived a lot of years I’ll say then that indeed with the short time I have spent on this terrestrial ball there has been a lot of developments in science, technology, life medicine. And in virtually every field there has been tremendous progress.

But painfully amidst all these thoughts I found that there has been a serious deviation from The normal that God had in mind for us.. And to a very great extent I miss those days and would give anything to have them back sincerely… Hmmmmm

There was a time…….. 😥😥

A time When our little ones were innocent…

A time when there were no filters and being real was a norm..

A time when when we actually wore clothes not semi sown rags..

A time when our hands were lifted up in surrender to God not to the Police

A time when sober reflection and deep thinking was still a thing..

A time when friendship was something to hold unto and not let go.

A time when we knew that you can’t live with a man unless married..

A time when we were not ashamed to pray with tears rolling.. Because we sincerely loved and desired Him

A time when immorality was a scarce commodity.

A time when we looked at children and so admired thier innocence

A time when we had the boldness and were proud of walking around with a bible.

A time when girls were known for dignity and were to be given due respect

A time when the words ” I love you ” were used by sincere lips..

A time when purity and virginity were held on high esteem..

A time laughter was pure and real

There are a lot of these times and till now. I haven’t fully recovered from the fact that painfully we may never return to these times although I really pray we do. But sincerely don’t u cherish those times when a junior boy doesn’t have to deal with the struggles of pornography and he had his plate full with fun school projects and his favorite cartoon

Its a lot to deal with I know.. But I believe even though for a fact its not possible to just generally go back to how its been. I think personally we can reflect on these times and see how much good it would have brought to us if we let life be the way God planned it to be. A world full of…


Love ❤️

And laughter

How amazing would that kind of life be..

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