It’s so painful seeing the creation of God doing things so unthinkable. Rapists, killers and assassins, sex maniacs, liars, those who can’t say any other reasonable thing apart from “fool, idiot, stupid, bastards and other grave and useless words”, thiefs, idolaters, those who always get angry and several others who commit sin.

What do you think is causing all these? Don’t they know that what they are doing is wrong? Don’t they pity lives they waste sexually and physically? Don’t they know the law to respect them? Don’t they go to church? Don’t they know their right from their left? Are they kids?… And other questions that can never change them.

STOP RAPING OUR GIRLS… GIRLS MATTER… YOU’RE RUINING THEM FOR LIFE… JUST 5 MINS SEX AND YOU WILL WASTE HER ENTIRE HUMANITY… TREAT GIRLS WITH RESPECT… and other campaigns and movement to stop the virus of raping that have ravaged men and women of our generation.

T.V adverts and security operatives all around. But yet, those who kill still kill, those who rape still rape, those who rob still rob, those who speak out smelly words from their mouth still continue.


I want to announce to you that your effort can NEVER save a Man. Have you seen a blind man? No matter how you try to show Him a stone on the way, can He see it? Even if His sons are coming and you’re trying to tell Him to see His sons, can He see?

It’s so simple and short. THERE IS SOMETHING THAT HAS TAKEN THE PLACE OF THEIR EYES. THE VEIL. The veil has covered them and they can do nothing about it.

The Question is this; ARE YOU VEILED ALSO?

You go outside joining campaigns to stop rapists and criticize government who are stealing funds, at Home, you fight your wife and call her all sorts of names. You go into your closet and watch movies with HOT PORN and you come out blabbing “STOP RAPING”. You go out shouting “Justice for this person, justice for that person” when you’ve insulted your brother and He is not happy.

The only solution I must say at this time is JESUS. He came to this world and HE DIED with the sole purpose to save us from all these Sins and messes we find ourselves in. Jesus came so we won’t be moralists, He came to make us righteous. He came to DIE so we won’t have the power to sin anymore.

But IF you don’t accept Him, YOU CAN NEVER BE FREE FROM ALL THESE ILLS WE’VE SEEN ABOVE. You might want to ask “Who is this Jesus” He is our saviour, the ONLY begotten SON of GOD.


JESUS, I am before you at this moment, I’ve committed a lot of Sins against you (you can confess them as you pray), I repent of my iniquities, I lay them at the foot of the cross on which you died. I accept you into my heart for you to be my Lord and saviour. I’ve died with you and I need to be a NEW person with you. Thank You God. For In Jesus Name I have prayed.

And that’s it… So simple. If you know you’ve given your life to Jesus before but backslid along the line, you could just go back and say it with complete sincerity before God. And you’re well.

Locate those who need this and share with them, let them experience the salvation you just experienced. Locate a Church where Jesus is being preached and go there to worship. God bless you.

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