Many of us forget that no matter what we are doing at any moment we are running. Funny enough most of us don’t know the direction we are headed or what lies in wait for us even as we run.. But as I hate to break it you. There is a race 🏁 funny enough and as heartbreaking as it can be not everyone makes it through.. Am sure u may be wondering why everyone wouldn’t make it since we are all running. But as we know every race is governed by rules and this race of life we are running is the most important of all. For most of us we are running a race we know nothing about and I’ll like to introduce you formally to this race. First of all I’ll like u to know that there is only one race and only one road 🛣 the race to

Life and the highway of Righteousness but many of us including people like me have been led to think there is another way.. Now to burst your bubbles I’ll tell you that this race and this way is a person an His name is Jesus Christ. And the rules we are to run by is His lifestyle and the adrenaline needed to run and run far is His grace

Everything we will ever need is in the manual in the picture above and that Holy book itself is Christ. Now even as we read this let’s know we are still running but now who do u want to run with. The person who knows he road to life ( Christ) or the person who is hell bent on taking your crown 👑.(the devil) Jesus is willing to hold our hands through every step of the race no matter, what he has said he won’t let go..

The painful issue I hate to bring up is that so many of us including myself have been misled to another path. We let go of the Hand of God and for a split second landed on another path we have been running on for a while. That’s why there is a serious need for consistency when holding his hand because the moment we let go. We are led into another path which leads to damage.

So Ending with this…………

We know the race we are running now. We know who orchestrated the race the author and the finisher. We know the manual as most of have it on our shelves and also we know that He is the only one who can see us through this race.. So knowing that He’s there waiting for you..

So who are we going to Run with now

God Bless you and your family Stay healthy and safe.. Amen

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