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Who But God

Who but God could paint the evening sky And use a brush that is a fiery torch? Tonight, the garish sunset makes me high In awe, I stand and watch it from my porch. Who but God could make the insects sing? Cicadas droning on with their night song Still better yet, to sing with…

Once upon a time. 😢

Chilling on a lovely cool afternoon, my mind began to travel, thoughts pacing and although they were wonderful thoughts and nice concepts they we’re also scary.. I began to run a serious race down memory lane and since as a young man I haven’t lived a lot of years I’ll say then that indeed with…


We go about saying we want to preach the gospel and just spread this “Gospel”. We want to bring out this Gospel on our blog and just look for every means to spread it. But wait a minute… Have you ever thought deep to ask yourself what the “GOSPEL” means? Have you ever had a…