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Day 1 I watched “The Train” with my siblings about three days after it was released on Damilola Mike Bamiloye’s YouTube channel. Even before I watched it, I already planned to jot and share from what I learnt to as many people as possible, while watching with my siblings, I jotted but I couldn’t concentrate…


Peter stood up suddenly from where He laid, got up and walked to the window, the whole city was dark except few windows that still had oil lamp rays coming out through them.He walked back to His sleeping area and sat down on His bed, “It has been 51 days since my Lord died, 49…


I named the Family Dog “Browness” (You should already know the colour and the gender by its name).That’s not the main point today actually.That fateful day, I allowed the dog into my room as usual, since the dog became ours it had always pooped in hidden areas mostly, round the room and it oozed out…