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We spent some time two days back to look at one scripture outside the scope of the Anchor text of the theme “Reigning with Christ”, and now we are back again to divide by the help of the Holy Spirit, another scripture that speaks about us being KINGS and of course, ROYAL PRIESTS. This will […]


First of all I want to apologize to all our viewers for not keeping my promise to drop this episode yesterday, accept my sincere apologies, and I repent of this to God. You’re welcome to today’s episode of the theme of the year 2021 of the church CHRIST UNITED MISSION, “REIGNING WITH CHRIST”. We started […]


Long before this year started, I was already anticipating what the theme of the new year would be, I’ve always caught interest in the year themes ever since we had one in 2010 I guess, which was “Divine Change from GLORY TO GLORY”. I’ve gradually been losing the denomination syndrome in the body of Christ […]

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